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Bathtime Fun

Our five beautiful grand daughters at Christmas together.

I used the following:
























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Oh Kay this is so sweet. Your photos and Granddaughters are SO beautiful and I love how you showed their heads across the top and your OOB arm looks great. Super masking and framing and I really like how you show all those feet along the bottom. I also really like the pink background you used and your embellishments are lovely. Wonderful layout - it made me smile.

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How darling is this! Love the way you showed the heads on top and little feet on the bottom! Soooooo cute! Such a fun and fabulously done layout!

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Kay this is gorgeous!! Your 5 beauties really steal the show!! The frame created with heads at the top and feet at the bottom is marvellous and I love how the girls all line up :-) your colour choices are great and this really made me smile too, a wonderful way to start my day, THANKYOU!

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So cute! Love the faces at the top and the feet at the bottom! They are going to love this Layout for many years to come!

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ADORABLE photos!!! Love the way you've really focused on the top and photo bottom with the way you've composed the page. Great work :)

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