Metamorphosis in Action

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Christopher’s 2nd grade trip to McFarland Park became limnologists for a day (pond-life biologists). It was cool and slightly rainy so we quick dipped our nets in the pond to gather some life to study and went indoors to check it all out.

Linda talked to us about damselflies metamorphosing from the larval stage to the adult flying insect. All of a sudden I realized our larva which I was photographing was metamorphosing right before my eyes! Linda quickly ushered everyone over in groups to check

it out. She said that was only the second time in

30+ years of teaching that she had seen it happen!

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This is such a cool field trip for kids - even the big kids - and I love the way you captured the details. The splashy background is perfect for the photos, and the title is priceless.

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