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Project Life 2013 Fingerball

Journaling reads: Since Christmas 2010 the fingerball continues to be passed between the Cashmans and the Saukes. We are continually trying to find ways to pass it to the unsuspecting recipient, often hiding it in birthday gifts, shoes, jacket pockets, even a diaper bag or CD holder behind the computer. In our minds this is the most creative delivery method to date. Grandma Sue and Papa Larry, who once claimed they wouldn’t get involved, have now joined in the fun. This bottle was placed back into the original packaging and the box was hot glued shut so that no trace of tampering could be detected. It will make the trip to Montana March 2013 when Grandma See and Papa Larry visit the Cashmans. Oh to be a fly on the wall when Mike cracks open a cool one at the end of a hard day!


© &copy Amy Sauke

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ROLFLOL! Priceless. Our family has a brass fly that we thought had retired - after 20 years it turned up this Christmas! Not as labor intensive as your fingerball, however. Love your journaling a great pictures of the "gift."

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