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Saturday Color Challenge March 16, 2013

With a maiden name of Gaffney I'm pretty much 99.% Irish and I remember my Mom singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" to me from a very young age. When Mama sang, suddenly my Dad would start to whistle the song and I grew up singing this song all the time. It just kind of stayed stuck in my head so thought I'd use Elisha's fabulous Shamrock Paper freebie and just simply put the words to the song here. Enjoy! Not a fancy layout - just words - to a memory of my Mom singing to me!


EBA Shamrock Collection Paper Special

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Oh, Sara what a beautiful story and page. I loved reading your notes and this is such a treasure. I'm so glad you added more green to the gallery. I really like your text and how you put your background together. Touching layout...

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