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Luckiest House on the Block

Luckiest House on the Block

The journaling - in case you can't read it:
I think it was the inconsistent application of weed and feed that created our mutant patch of clover. It produced four leaf clovers by the dozens, as well as plenty of five, six and seven leaf clovers. The girls would stop to pick them on their way in from school. I pressed them into just about every big book I could think of, I laminated them, we made little bookmarks out of them, but finally, I got tired of preserving the hundreds of clovers coming in the door, so I just let them dry out and disappear. Fifteen years later, I really wish I'd preserved more of them. I looked for one to include on this layout, and while I know there are still some saved, I'm not quite sure where. We had so many four leaf clovers, I'm sure ours was the luckiest house on the block.

Cathrine knows where her clovers are and could have found one for my layout, but it was already finished and turned in by the time she got home. Posted Image

While we were out on a walk the other day, she saw a patch of clover in a lawn (rare for that neighborhood) and had to stop and check for 4 leaf clovers.

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    Oh wow, very pretty LO and great journaling. TFS xxx
    This is an exceptional layout April. I love the story and one would certainly have to think that your house was the luckiest on the block! I have yet to find a four leaf clover around any of our houses! I am intrigued by how you made the the clovers behind the photo. The composition is beautifully balanced and really draws the eye. Well done!
    Yay! Love the LO and you did a allenge....
    Gorgeous page, April! What an amazing story, well told and beautifully scrapped. I also like the pole with clover woven around it and the little couple in the corner. Another winner from you!
    Fantastic page, April! I love this story!
    What a great story, April and I can't believe you found so many lucky clovers and even 6 and 7's - wow. I love your your background and all the pieces you put together on your page. It's beautiful.
    What a beautiful layout, April - your photo is wonderful and I really enjoyed reading your journaling about the four leaf clovers....love the celtic strip down the page - it just seems to "set the mood" for Irish Luck! Beautifully done!
    How cool is that! My sister was always amazing about finding 4-leaf clovers. I've never seen one other than hers. I love that shaped background in the ZIP kit and the ribbon/border down the side. Thanks for participating!
    Beautiful LO. I like the mat behind the photo, the journaling (and its placement) and the embellishments down the left side. Great kit, especially the little vintage children. Lovely.
    Beautifully done! I love all the twisty windy clover throughout the design!
    I used to find tons of 4-leafers here too, but haven't in the past couple years. I've never heard of more than 4 leaves - whoah!