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Jean & Son-freebie challenge 3/19

Jean & Son-freebie challenge 3/19

Since I took this photo in 1996, I don't come up to Mike's shoulder anymore. did he grow, or did I shrink? He is about 6' 3. Sometimes he bends his knees so he won't tower over me.



Hobo Std font

PSE stroke borders

    wonderful LO and so great that you have this of your son and you.
    LOL...I feel that way when I look at pictures of my boys, they grow fast. The borders around the photo are very eye catching. What a great layout
    Oh Jean I smiled at your notes and you shrinking. Lovely photo and I like how you framed it so creatively and used the freebie... What a wonderful page to have. Great layout.
    Fabulous pic - it made me smile when I read your journaling cause I do think we shrink! LOL Pretty page - your son will enjoy this one!
    Love the photo. My grand are starting to overtake me already. Scary. The edgers look great. Very pretty layout.
    So simple and sweet! Lovely page! I like the detail/frame behind the photo.
    What a handsome son you have! I love your framing here. Beautiful page!
    I love it jean! The photo is just perfect! Love the framing around it.tFS and taking part in the challenge.
    Awesome! Funny reading your journaling - I think both things have happened to me. I really like the way you framed the picture, putting the title in one of them. Very creative. (You guys are a good looking pair.)
    Jean, you are NOT shrinking. He's a growing boy! You know they're putting stuff in the food that's making people taller now - he could end up 7 foot! LOL. I like how you muted the paper, and those gray frames around the photo are really creative. Great photo and layout!