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First card--Almost-Papa John's Pizza dough

First card--Almost-Papa John's Pizza dough



Liberation sans Narrow font

Jokerman font for title and yum.

Parts of card is from ABR_recipe cards for Cookie Swap

DS-stroke outlines and shadows

Background and cards recolored

    Pretty card, such nice spring colors. I like the wavy layer behind the text.
    I like the colors you used for this. Will have to try it out.
    I really like the colors you used, and the font is easy to read. It sounds like this is a pretty fast recipe for dough. Fast is good!
    I like the colors of the wavy background. This looks good, I'm not sure I've ever made homemade pizza dough. Thanks for sharing!
    Great cart - like the wavy mat behind the recipe. I used to love to eat pizza dough before it was baked. I know, that's frowned upon these days.
    I need this. I can't make my own pizza dough for the life of me.
    I don't know where my pizza dough recipe is, so THANK YOU! Thanks also for the cute mate to this card.
    Pretty card and I like how it matches your topping one. The pizza dough recipe sounds easy to make - thanks Jean.