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2nd part-Jean's Pizza Toppings

2nd part-Jean's Pizza Toppings

Mostly vegetables-- sorry I didn't mention to put these on the crust!! The dough recipes should have been first.



Liberation sans Narrow font

Jokerman font for title and yum.

Parts of card is from ABR_recipe cards for Cookie Swap

DS-stroke outlines and shadows

Background and cards recolored

    The two cards make the recipe a lot easier to follow. Pizza is always yummy!
    Asparagus on pizza? That's a great idea! Wonder how canned would be? There's some brand at Dollar General that's more tender than the name brands. I might drain it well and try that when fresh asparagus is out of season. Sounds so good!
    Such good ideas - I'm so over pepperoni!
    Love the colors. Great card. Thanks
    I love veggie pizzas, and this sounds wonderful. The gold & blue of this card and its companion is very attractive.
    Yummy, Jean - I love veggie pizza and this sound so good. Your card is so pretty also - lovely work.