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Red Lobster Biscuits

Red Lobster Biscuits

My cousin worked at Red Lobster many years ago (almost 24 to be exact) and gave us this recipe to make the cheese biscuits. Since then I've seen this version online several times. They are very quick and easy to make.


Chesapeake Collection Biggie

    Sounds VERY yummy and I do love easy Bisquick recipes. I like your card, too - it's so pretty.
    Yum! So, I could probably add the garlic and cheese to my regular biscuit recipe. I'm not really a mix girl. We'll have to see how these turn out. I'm pretty sure they are my son in law's absolute favorite.
    OH MY! I love those! I must try this! Hey, thanks for using Chesapeake! or maybe I should call it Cheesypeake! yummy!
    What a great collection for this recipe!!
    I've had these years ago. at Red Lobster. Pretty card, and thanks.
    Oh, love the biscuits at Red Lobster so much so can't wait to try your recipe! Your card is lovely and I love how your recipe is so easy to follow - they look simple enough to make, but will mine turn out as good as those in Red Lobster - LOL I'll never know til I try them, but thanks so much for sharing your recipe and I will absolutely give them a try!
    I KNEW someone was going to post the Cheddar Bay Biscuit recipe! These are so popular and for good reason. There are clone recipes for Bisquick, in fact, we learned to make it in Home Ec. So, you could do the whole thing from scratch. Love the nautical theme to this one!
    I love these little biscuits!! Perfect nautical theme, adorable card!
    Must try making these. Just brought a bag of them home last Saturday - love them!
    Great collection for this recipe. Looks fantastic.