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1948 birth day

1948 birth day

this is a page for my heritage album about the day my dh was born...i made the companion page for my birth day. here is my page

the problem is that i am not sure if the story i wrote is accurate..and by googling it i find out milton berle was on tuesdays so that is not true in my journaling...also now maybe this story was about a baseball game and it was the night before my bil was born not my dh..though i have googled and found out that dh was born on a monday and it was the summer so they may have been out at the summer house... this all points out that it is very important to get these stories when you can... and no one can remember the day of their birth so ask your mother and father about it now before the story is gone

cc much appreciated

    Beautiful baby and beautiful page. So true about family stories.
    What a great story! love your softer colors and the details, but my goodness your grandson looks so much like him! am i wrong?
    What a perfect companion page to your birth day. I agree with DixieLee . .. your husband looks just like Nathan. The date simply does not go with the picture!! I especially love the composition of this layout. It's packed full of good stuff, all placed perfectly. I can remember the birth of my daughter as though it was just yesterday. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get it in writing.
    and yes ladies..people often say that nathan looks like his grandpa...both such handsome guys if i do say so myself...lol

    thanks for all your love
    I had to come back and check to see if you answered about the similarities. wow! (you do have lots of goodies on your LO, fun to study!)
    Oh, my gosh - I thought that was Nathan! Beautiful layout, Bobbie!