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Where love lives


kit Midnight Summer by Starsong Studio

Where love lives

The story behind the title, is that Jacob has autism, what makes it difficult for him to tell someone his feelings. Instead of saying he loves me, he would ask me to come over and take him for a stroll. A few days ago I had his mom on the Phone and he took from her and said "I love you Oma" It made me cry to hear this from him for the 1st time

    How absolutely awesome to hear thos words for the first time. I love your layout and title. Cute photo.
    This is so touching, Neeltje. Perhaps you should add this story to the layout? I know you will remember it always, but it might be meaningful for future generations to read. Such a sweet layout for a sweet little boy!
    PRECIOUS title! And what a great story behind the layout. I agree with Smoky... I'd consider adding the explanation to the layout. It sure makes it even more endearing. Beautiful layout!