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Saturday Color Challenge 3/30/13 - "Baby Bunny"

This is me on my first Halloween or first Easter - I'm not sure which! But, since my Mom was good about dating photos, I need to go check the original print and find out.

PS I went and looked it up - I am almost 8 months old in this photo on my first Halloween.


For this layout I used:

STI EggCiting Collection Mini

ASO SS Styles: Glitter Glows 6401

DCA Zip Kit Rainbow Bright Paper - Sky

BMU SS Embellishment Templates: Easterly Eggs

JDE Digital Stickers - Watercolor Bunnies Mini

BMU Shabby Fabulous Collection Biggie (retired)

DMI SS Type Paths: Waves 8501

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Hee hee I love how cute you were as a baby!!! Your family did such a lot of fun things with you kids! The toning of the photo is so lovely and warm and you did a great muted page with lots of monotone... the little touch of blue is lovely here and I can see why you did it. Great extraction too.

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Oh... just look at little bunny you! You are so adorable! Great extraction, and I love how you are sitting with all the other bunnies and the cracked Easter egg. Pretty and soft colors, too! :D

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Darling! What a sweet little one you were, Marilyn and I love your extraction and placement with the cracked Easter Egg! Too cute!

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You were such an adorable baby! Look like you were teething on that carrot, LOL. I love the soft and pretty tones here, and the bunnies are so sweet. (I used to raise bunnies! :)) I like your swooping title (great philosopher, that Bugs) and great extraction. Very cute!

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Oh, you were so adorable. And quite the little actress with the carrot just like Bugs. I love all the little bunnies, too.

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