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Olive Garden Seafood Portofino, part 1


© 2013, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

Olive Garden Seafood Portofino, part 1

I love Olive Garden's Seafood Portofino. I have not tried this recipe, but it looks about right. These are the same ingredients; sauce is scaled down from 1/2 gallon to a quart.

Supplies in EXIF. Thanks for looking.

    Beautiful card, yummy sounding recipe. We might drive Olive Garden out of business!
    Seafood Portofino is delicious! Thanks for posting this recipe--sounds like a winner. Love your beautiful cards--great embellishments too.
    Lovely two page card Barbara! Lots of information but still easy to read. I like the layers and the embellishment cluster is perfect!
    I've never tried this, but I will! Great looking card, and cute little bottles.
    Beautiful card, Barbara! I don't think I have ever had this at Olive Garden, but there is little I don't like that they serve so I'm excited to give this a try!! Thanks for sharing!
    I've never tried this, but it does sound delicious! Love the colorful, layered papers and the embellishments. How cute is that little shrimp?!
    Love the papers and embellishes for you card. Great cards