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Project Life - week 12

Project Life - week 12

Relatively speaking, this week was the calm before the storm - the ‘storm’ being non-stop events during Holy week!
Dusty was feeling much like his old self, and he loves to help Dave with the recycling on Sundays. All we have to do is say “let’s do the blue!” and he’s out the door like a flash. On Tuesday, my women’s circle held our monthly meeting at Paquito’s, and the food was divine! It’s close to the church and the atmosphere is wonderfully Mexican! I think our cardinals are getting used to posing for me, but having a good zoom lens helps immensely, too.

On Thursday Sarah and I picked up our dresses for Scott & Joey’s wedding, now the hunt is on for shoes. Saturday Dave and I led the music for the District “Day Apart” for the United Methodist Women. It was held way down south, almost to Homestead, but was a lovely old church. Ten of our ladies attended.

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    Really nice layout, Becky. All of your supplies are so pretty.
    Beautifully done, Becky!
    I love how Dusty know's to do the recycling he is such a good helper, so glad he is feeling better after last week!
    Great photos and great journaling! I'm glad Dusty is doing better, and that cardinal really DOES look like he's posing. :D