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01apr13 April Fools Day chlg - last one!

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I could have gone on forever with layouts that 'fool the eye'... I just adore trompe l'oeil and haven't even touched on pages with Callan being tricky!!

These amazing photos are of a straight walled building decorated to appear as if the building is 'melting'... I just find it so fascinating!!! Not only how artistic it is and how clever to think of it, but how wonderfully it appears to us - even in photos...

These photos come from these websites: 1. , 2. and 3.






font: Eyechart

font: Georgia

font: Great Vibes

font: Rapunzel

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Yep, you are definitely into trompe l'oeil. :D That building is amazing! I went on the web sites where they show people walking by it on the sidewalk not paying the least bit of attention to it. Maybe they see it every day and have gotten over the startling effect! I'm so glad you shared this! Fascinating layout and interesting journaling. TFS!

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AWwww.. Jode I am kinda sad you are going to stop making "April Fool's" Day layouts and HOW can you deprive us of a Callan one??? :D

Diane is right - this is fascinating and I can't quite get my head around it and figure out how it really is! Or I should say that it really IS!!! I love your gorgeous background blending and the way you used the photos. Your journaling is so interesting and I really like your title - almost 'ghostly'. Thanks for taking part in the Monday "April Fool's" challenge and I'm kinda sad if you say you are finished....


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Great page - I've always enjoyed optical illusions and trompe l'oeil art, so this really caught my eye right away - no pun intended lol. Your photos are fantastic and I love your great blending. Wonderful journaling too!

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That painting is fabulous. I would love to see it in real-life. I visited the links and was amazed at the different photos - so creatively believable. Really enjoyed your page!

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Imagine standing and looking at the building. I think I would just fall right over. Thanks for sharing these with us Jody. Fantastic and interesting layout.

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