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Friday Heritage Scrap lift-Luca

Friday Heritage Scrap lift-Luca

Luca married my mother 4 years after he arrived in South Africa. They had two children. Sebbastiano and Nunzia. He had a quota for crayfish and in the off season he caught mostly snoek. He made a good living and when he sold his boat and quota licence had enough money to retire. Most of the Italians that arrived that day were family friends and some of them still live in Cape Town.
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Here is Carla's lovely heritage layout that I scrap lifted. Love her layout.

    Oh, what a wonderful page Belle and how interesting he was in the newspaper and you have it to scrap. I really like your background and the way you highlighted Luca's face close up in the life preserver. Your journaling is so interesting and you placed it in the perfect place. Super layout.
    Lovely page. I too like the close up of Luca in the life preserver. Wonderful background too. I also really enjoyed your journalling.
    Very nice, Belle. Still having pc problems-so short and sweet comments.
    Beautifully done, Belle! I especially like the background blending. Your photos are wonderful and so is the informative journaling.
    What an interesting piece of family history! And how fascinating to see that you have the same melting pot of immigrants that we do, makes for a far more interesting country :-). Loved reading your notes along with the newspaper piece and seeing the photos. Your grungy watery feel to this page is magnificent and I love it.
    Wonderful page Belle. Neat that you have that story and photo too.
    This is fabulous. Ove your journaling, and scrap lifted perfectly!
    Absolutley love that you have this information, including newspaper clipping about your family. Enjoyed your journaling and weathered page. Great job.
    What a beautiful layout! I love the colors. Future generations will appreciate all the journaling you added to your layout! I'm honored you scraplifted me!
    Love the subtle colours and the blending work. Fascinating story Belle!