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April 6 - An Inchworm Followed Us Home

April 6 - An Inchworm Followed Us Home

This little inchworm followed us home from the park. Layout a collaborative process between Jax, Dylan and Mom.


    This is so cute! I love how you used the magnifying glass to highlight your photo. Great journaling, too. Thanks for using my collection!!! :)
    Oh my gosh - what a super page you three created! I really like your photo and how you "magnified" the inchworm. Your journaling is wonderful and sounds like I'm listening to a story. I really like the way you put your background together and your title is so colorful. Looks like your boys are following right in your footsteps, you make a great team. :)
    What a fun and colourful page!!! Love the addition of the bigger worm and how you added the feel of the park with the trees etc, wonderfully put together!! You and Dylan and Jax rock!
    This is great! I love your photo, and wasn't it considerate of Jennifer Ziegler to design a whole collection around it? :lol: Seriously, you found the perfect collection for your inchworm and you put the page together beautifully! I especially like the magnifying glass. Great fun!
    Love the use of the insects and papers. Well done on your shadowing.

    This is just wonderful, love it!