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Jenrou_Oven Barbecued Chicken-April 2013 Swap

Jenrou_Oven Barbecued Chicken-April 2013 Swap

I use this recipe all the time, either for fried or Barbecued. It is a very dependable recipe, and Hudson's favorite fried tenders. For tenders check it before the regular time.


LongIsland font
Junkos typewriter font (title)

    Yum! Wonderful recipe card. Sounds oh so good:)
    Now, there's a recipe my boys will love! Great card - love the photo mask and font you used.
    This sounds really good! I bet it would go well with gravy too, :). I like the colors you used and how you stacked the cards. That font is perfect for this recipe!
    I like the layered cards! Sounds great! Thank you for participating!
    Fun titling! Looks delicious with or without barbecue sauce.