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4/13 SG Club_Our Little Coach

4/13 SG Club_Our Little Coach

I had a great time using Cindy's beautiful Spring Whims SG Club! So many pretties!!

I LOVE this picture of DGD Maeve watching her brother's soccer match from the sidelines. I like the hands in the pockets! She looks like she's their coach! At 19 months she has amazing self control and concentration to stand off the field and just study and take it all in. That's my opinion and I am not in any way biased, LOL. (Who knows how long she stood there after DD sent this iPhone pic to me.)


    Wow, Maeve is actually 19 months old - how time flies! Sweet photo and I agree - pretty remarkable to be standing watching Big Brother like that! I really like how you framed the photo and placed your journaling and the collection goes so perfectly with your layout and pic. Lovely layout, Dot.
    This is fantastic, Dot! This photo of Maeve is darling! I love the border you added and the title is wonderful!
    Oh, how pretty! Gorgeous paper and embellishments. I'm sure you're not biased, :D. Maeve looks like a natural born leader here. Such a cute little outfit she has on, too!
    This is a beautiful layout. I love the cluster and the photo is so cute. Nice job.
    Such a cutie. Good job.
    It wouldn't surprise me a bit if Maeve could tell the boys exactly what they should/shouldn't be doing on the field! :lol: Gorgeous frame work and I love the little delicate touches all around the page. Fabulous, Dot!
    Maeve sure is studying the game, someday she will run the ball and kick a goal! And your dainty LO is so exquisite, beautiful cluster and the journaling is great.