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Rescue Your Layout "UFO"

Rescue Your Layout "UFO"

Here's one that I started in 2008 and never finished. I must have been envisioning something to do with nature but am open to all suggestions! How should I change it? Start from scratch? Or ?

The supplies I used:

ABL Prarieland Kit
ABL SS Emb Photomasks Prarieland
SNU SS Paper Painted
SMI SS Paper Chip

    That's a beautiful layout - the grasses across the front really caught my eye. The only thing I would add would be some journalling to give the photo a context.
    I like your photo and how you masked it and I like the pieces you've started with. Thanks for posting for the challenge, Jode will give you more ideas at the chat!
    This is lovely just the way it lays! I wouldn't change a thing!
    I love the colors--and your cat is gorgeous! The green compliments him well.
    Well, I think it's really lovely! I'm the last person to be giving advice, but maybe dial the green back in the main paper to match his eyes and blend the photo edges in? Or maybe not... I can never leave well enough alone, LOL. I'm sure Jody will have some awesome ideas for you!
    Wonderful photo of the kitty. I think the layout looks great with the grunge frame & plant brushes. Perfect colors for the cat, too.