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Rescue Your Layout "UFO" Redo

Rescue Your Layout "UFO" Redo

Thanks Jode for the super suggestions! Great chat!

Repositioned the photo so Benji is looking into the center. Repositioned Bee, stampt & tag.
Worked on the mask to soften harsh edge. Plan on incorporating tip to bring out green in eyes.

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    Tina! You have outdone yourself here! I can see the changes you made and more... Benji has been moved slightly too, the bee is now holding the tag (cute!), and the daisies anchor the bee... as well as the changes you said... I already thought you had worked on his eyes as they really seem to pop against the non-matted background now... I really love this with the journalling too! Can you believe you let him sit unfinished for so long??? Yay you, congrats on a SuperHero page!
    Great layout Tina! It caught my eye right away. Did you steal my cat? He's been missing for a few years now.
    Seriously, Benji is beautiful and he really does look very much like a cat we used to have. It's a wonderful photo and I love the masking. Great embellishments too.
    Oh Tina - your page was lovely before but this is just stunning and shows off Benji's beauty even moreso. I love the stitches around the outside and they really help pop your gorgeous photo more again. The slight changes you made blended Benji so perfectly into your pretty background and I really like how he seems to be staring at that bee! Your use of the grasses and splotches of color remain wonderful and your journaling tag looks great. Congratulations on a SuperHero page and thanks for participating in the chat and challenge!
    I liked it before but this is just perfect. That bee is so cute. Well done.
    Absolutely gorgeous!! I feel like I'm looking into "The World of the Cat." :) Very cute bee and tag cluster and great blending. Really outstanding page!
    This is beautiful! I really like the way the picture is blended and it looks like he is behind the flowers. Very well done!
    I do love those eyes - they were the focal point as well as highlight of both layouts. The lighter frame does look better, but I'm glad you kept a piece of the old one as well as that great brushwork. I liked the bee before, but having it hold those embellishments is such a great idea.