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Herding Turtles?

We had to laugh when we saw what Raven brought up from the pond. She found this baby painted turtle and gently carried it in her mouth up to the deck to show us. Both Aussie girls kept watching to see if it would move so they could herd it!



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Oh, how sweet those Aussie girls are to gently bring a little turtle to you! Love the photo and love your layout! They must be such gentle dogs and I'm sure they get their sweetness from you!

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ROFL! You have to make sure Angie sees this...I thought her Diesel was the only dog that "plays" with turtles!! At least the Aussies didn't herd it INSIDE the house like Diesel did;)

I really like how you've stapled the ribbon at the top and had it hook through the other staple below.

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I guess a shepherd is always a shepherd! :lol: I love the close-up photo and the leash holding up your journaling. Clever use of brackets, too.

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