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Project Life Week 13 (right side)

Project Life Week 13 (right side)

i'm still playing catch up. Journalling reads:
Itís now the March school holidays, and the kids are home for one week. Thankfully, Daddy takes Monday and Tuesday off work to do fun things with them, and also give Mummy some time to work on Neko-chanís birthday slideshow. We had planned to go kite-flying on Monday morning, but there is absolutely no wind and the kite wouldnít go up, not even for one minute. But of course, our kite-flying ability is about on par with Charlie Brownís...

As the week goes on, both kids enjoy playing with Lego and Duplo blocks. Joyjoy likes to hold one Duplo figurine in each hand and have them interact with each other, while Neko-chan prefers to build Ďracing carsí for the figurines, then crash them against each other to see which vehicle is sturdier. Besides that, Neko-chan spends much of the week at the dining table, designing and cutting out Valentine hearts and Easter eggs for Mummy. He also spends a lot of time making Angry Birds posters for his own birthday party!

On Saturday, we hop across to Singapore to see if we can pick up any special Angry Birds party items, only to end up ordering them online. But itís not a wasted trip as Daddy and Mummy get to enjoy a rare date night while Waipo watches the kids. At cell group meeting the next day, we take a break from the Christian Life series to play a get-to-know-you game, guessing one anotherís secret or unfulfilled dreams or ambitions. Itís an afternoon of laughs as we discover no less than three would-be superheroes, one (16th Century) sailor explorer, one future mother of six, and even one First Lady wannabe.

    Super journaling and photos and I really like your background.
    Great speckled background paper! And I love the arrow!