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I PLACED! (Photo Booth Challenge)


© debikins

I PLACED! (Photo Booth Challenge)

Learned to bring a photo into PSE using PLACE command.

    Hey Deb this is great and I LOVE what you did with your page - how clever and creative! Super journaling and great titles and thanks for writing it all out! And showing your siggie and your steps - wow, its like a layout and a tutorial all in one. PLUS -- I think I fell asleep smiling and I laugh again thinking of all the fun we had at this chat! What a success and a wonderful layout! :D
    This is great Deb! I actually have instructions printed out on how to add a new siggie cos I NEVER get it right!! It is a lovely photo too.
    So glad you placed!! This is great Debi. I live the way you showed each step and used the arrows to follow. Great instructions. So glad it worked and that you shared it with us!
    Great layout.
    Thank you for sharing your process, these are great instructions.