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Scraplift Challenge MW 2013: "Ali Twirls"

Scraplift Challenge MW 2013:  "Ali Twirls"

I searched "Hero" and came up with Valerie's BOUNCE.

I liked how Valerie used a circle and a rectangle for photo cropping so that is where I started. And, those of you who know my allergy to templates will be pleased to know not only did I USE one, I even changed it around! Wonders will never cease…
I like how Valerie journaled in Ben's words, so I did that, too! Thanks Valerie for the wonderful inspiration.
For this layout I used:
SNU Jardin de Fleur Collection Mini
COL SS DLO Album Templates - Layered 4x6 Round Up
SNU Brush Set: Painted
SNU Witty Font

    This is stunning! Love the yellow and the daffodils - so spring like and the layers are like in her dress... the circle photo works perfectly with the twirl theme and I like the little tag and flowers to hold it together... you did a great job removing the BG print from Alison's face too, love the attention to detail here.
    I'm honored that you would pick one of mine. I love this, beautiful layout..
    So pretty! I love the printing around the circle and yellow is my favorite color.
    This is so pretty and I LOVE all the yellow. Beautiful...I want to go twirl now.
    Such cute photos and that collection is PERFECT for her beautiful yellow skirt! You rocked the template and great job with the circular title!
    (See, templates aren't so scary after all; this one didn't bite did it? ;) :giggle_bear:
    Looks great, Marilyn - such cute photos and that background is fantastic - I just love it & it looks so good with the photos. Great job with the template.