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What a Mess!! Not a Masterpiece

What a Mess!! Not a Masterpiece

I'm uploading mine now, due to the time here.

I didn't get any really bad bits, but they didn't really work together for me, but I had fun preparing the chat and creating this mess!

My ingredients:




Brush Set:

    Fun, Valerie! Kiahna looks so adorable and like she's holding up that sign. And she looks like she's a pretty flower growing up amongst all the others in your background. Sweet page no matter what it is!
    Any page with Kiahana is a cute one! You definitely got a hodge-podge of items, but you did a wonderful job with them.
    It's not so bad...although without the restrictions I may have recolored the red in the floral to match the other papers...like how the green paper help divide the bright florals. Definitely got my attention.
    whoa - I'm kinda squinty with the florals! so much fun - it's actually pretty cute.
    Well, there's certainly a lot of action going on in that LO! What a fun challenge - thanks for all you did to make it happen. :-)
    This is really pretty cute! I love the "GRIN" word art and the layout design.
    Adore the grin word art with the photo. Thought you did a super job with all of your different supplies.
    Sweet photo and pretty colors.
    Well... I'd say it was designed in a Masterpiece-y sort of way, but... you really were given a strange mixture with which to work. :lol: I'm amazed you could make it look even this good. I do love all those lush flowers!
    The design is a masterpiece - the items you had to use together, well, not so much, lol:) I like Kiahna's cute grin and the way you framed the photo with the ribbon and buttons.