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Mess or Masterpiece - MW 2013: "LIfe's A Beach!"

Mess or Masterpiece - MW 2013: "LIfe's A Beach!"

Ok, now you might not believe me, but I did NOT cheat! Truly, I followed the folders and carefully counted out my pieces and this is what I got! And, anyone that knows ME and Mess or Masterpiece will remember that I usually have quite an odd (I'm being kind here) assortment. Remember my garage sale and those Channukah candles??? Hey, my pieces were so bad one year Ro actually picked me as a winner for being a good sport with my Mess… So here is my "Life's A Beach". (Yes, not only did I get good pieces, I got BEACH pieces which I love. NO I did not cheat!)

For this layout I used:
SNU SS Embellishment Templates: Alpha Wood Blocks Biggie
JRE Jif 6 Wanted (Flower)
ASO Yours Naturally (label holder)
DEB Mixed Media (Emb Strip information)
MRE Inspired Child (Emb Bracket Border)
KVE Afternoon Tea (diamond jewel)
DMI Blue Sea (sandy paper)
SG Dec 2009 Set 3 (brown paper)
Mattie FL 2013 Photo
ASO Eventide Paper solid special

    Looks like a masterpiece to me Marilyn! :)
    So does this mean if I do this long enough, I will eventually get something that matches??!! Lovely layout Marilyn. You did a great job of pulling it all together.
    Well now, that is quite obviously a masterpiece! Everything looks chosen on purpose (but I totally believe you that it was the luck of the draw) :) I like how the diamond kind of becomes the sun in the photo - creative and neat!
    you really lucked out...nicely done
    This could be a "real" layout! That must have been like winning the lottery as you picked your supplies!
    Well, it's beautiful - and I could definitely imagine stepping into that photo and feeling the sand between my toes! You did a super job - and based on what you said about your past Mess/Masterpiece challenges, you were due a very lucky draw!
    And once again I have to declare that there can be no mess of randomness when you give your creative self over to mischief!
    What a beach layout!

    I have to admit that there was one aspect of your layout that caused me some discomfort--I have become accustomed to viewing that beach with my dear friend Marilyn sitting pensively at the shoreline. When I saw the photo--it made me feel lonely! My scrapgirl gut said, "Where's my friend Marilyn!??" I had to look up to your profile pic to console myself. :giggle_bear:
    I think you have earned some great supplies :). Definitely a Masterpiece.
    Well you got some good bits, lucky you and makes a change! Love what you put together.
    Lovely photo and pretty layout.