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Mess or Masterpiece? Ice cream birthday

This photo was taken by DH on our son, Cody's 14th birthday.


With Cody’s busy May schedules, we adopted a tradition of heading

to the ice cream shop for a scoop to go to celebrate his birthday,

no matter what other commitments we might have.

We have squeezed in some pretty quick scoops over the years,

between concerts and baseball games and track meets...


..But every year I enjoy my scoop in the front seat of the car,

giggly boys in the back, hubby by my side,

and privately celebrate the anniversary of the day I became "Mom."



ABL_CowboyUp_Paper_Horses.jpg copy







BHA_BlsmBlm_Holiday_Emb_Flower-redgreen.png copy 3

TYO_DayAtBeach_Emb_CoralCream.png copy






Brush set:


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I love it, you got some great pieces and used them so well. They might not have been what you would pick, but it works. A declare another masterpiece. Thanks for joining the challenge.

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Awwww.... Jaymee what a sweet page! I love your sentiment on Mess or Masterpiece, Mischief and just plain fun! (I read your other thread!) And your layout is awesome and a Masterpiece for sure. Love what you did here with your pieces. Your journaling is so touching and I really like how you put all your pieces together into such a lovely whole Super layout and thanks for joining the fun and challenge!

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This is a lovely photo - you look so happy! Your journaling is so sweet and heartfelt and I love your lady embellishment.

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Wow, Jaymee, this is a Masterpiece by any standards! I love the photo (and your wonderful tradition!). And how did you get so lucky to get all those lovely coordinating pieces? The colors are great and I love how you put everything together. Beautiful layout!!

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Oh, Jaymee, this is really lovely - you did get lucky1 I love how the soft colors of the background frame the brighter embellishments. And your journaling is wonderful.

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Definitely a masterpiece! I had to make sure that's what this was, as I couldn't believe it! You got a good mix of items and put them all to excellent use. The art diary girl makes a great "mom" embellishment and the colors all work well together also. Your journaling is super - any tradition involving ice cream is a winner for sure:)

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What great paper choices you drew! And I love the way you used them. That's a cute cluster, too with the flowers & branches and even the doll. Such a sweet tradition, too. Thanks for telling us about it.

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