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Mess or Masterpiece

Mess or Masterpiece

For once I got a decent photo but some of the embellishments are just weird.

Folder 21Photo 7


Folder3 Paper 15 ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Paper1_Brown

Folder32 Paper 1 BMU_ParisianLace_Paper_Aqua

Folder69 Paper 8 ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Paper1_Notebook


Folder5 Emb 31 ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Emb2_Border-Tracks

Folder13 Emb 20 ACA_Iridescence_Emb_BorderGlitter

Folder44 Emb 11 ABR_OldFriend_Emb_Twine

Folder51 Emb 19 Ro_HeavenSent_Halo_GoldRod

Folder75 Emb 2 ABL_Birdsong_Emb_Flower-Bluecopy


Alpha Set 27AWI Paper Piercing Had to use the mats as well.


Brush Set 16Dyn Brush set Ultimate Artist used as mask

    Lovely, buy the bird tracks give it away! I think that's a great photo of you, Belle, and a great title.
    Elisha is right, that's a great photo of you. That could almost be a planned layout. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    Well, to be honest Belle I didn't realize this was a Mess or Masterpiece. I think it's lovely and a Masterpiece on it's own! Lovely photo of you and i actually like the flowers and bows around it (is that weird?). And, again - bird tracks? I had to go looking for them after Elisha mentioned them - I thought is was stitching on your book until I looked closer, so I think you did a fine job of using and "disguising" them. And I like the way you journaled as if this is a scrapbook page - which it is!
    Super layout and thanks for joining the fun and challenge!
    I think it looks nice. I like the lace an dthentitle strp.
    Positively a MASTERPiECE, Belle and I love everything about it - your photos is gorgeous and I just love everything about your layout! My, you make that hat look good, my friend! You are beautiful!
    Absolutely a Masterpiece! I love the photo (LOVE that hat!), and the use of the mask. The blue lace is perfect for the photo and even the "weird" stuff looks good here. Great job on this!!
    the little bird prints are funny but all in all your pieces came together marvelously. You did good. A masterpiece for sure.
    The papers and alpha worked well for your photo. You did a masterful job of including all your "weird" embellishments. The bird tracks may seem strange, but in outdoor cafes there are often birds underfoot, begging and hoping. The photo is just lovely, and so is the finished layout.
    I vote masterpiece too! You did a wonderful job of pulling this all together, but it really looks like you planned it.
    Definitely masterpiece. The photo and hat are lovely.