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Mischief Week Mess or Masterpiece

This was my first attempt at a Mess or Masterpiece. I tried really hard to make it a Masterpiece, of course, but I think it turned out to be more of a Mess. :P ... I mean, really, what can you do with a green button, lace, a metal leaf, and those 3 non-coordinating papers! :lol: In any case, I laughed the whole time I put this together! Thanks for a very fun challenge!












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Oh I don't know, I think it's a masterpiece. You created a great page with the bits you got. Thanks for joining the challenge.

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Yes, I agree with Valerie. These may not have been your choices (they wouldn't have been mine), but you used them well. Choosing to make the lavender your main background was perfect; it reflects the underside of the awning. The green button echoes the hanging plant, and the bits of orange are a nice contrast. I LOVE your title and journaling! Well done!

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I agree with all of the above - a Masterpiece for sure! You did a fine job with your pieces Diane and I like how this looks all together. Super layout and thanks for joining the chat and fun!

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I had to laugh when I saw your title and thought to myself "Does that really say WINO?!" You did a very masterful job of pulling this all together. The green button is in the perfect location and is the perfect touch! And I love everything a-tilt. Kind of goes with the title!

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Fun photo. I love the journaling and the book. I think you made a masterpiece with this selection.

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How funny, I would have taken a photo of the sign, too. I think you made the papers work together and the top two coordinate well with the photo. I really like your flower clusters with the lacy stuff behind.

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