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20130127 Painting bath - Slow scrap

20130127 Painting bath - Slow scrap

This isn't what I would have planned for these pictures, but I think it mostly works. I struggled on the embellishments because I don't have a large number of paint ones and I didn't want to make it girly.



    Really cute--painting the bath tub and just having fun and what an ingenious way to clean it all up! I like this LO a lot!!
    This is adorable!! Great job with the challenge. You've used your embellishments so well--each layout stands alone, but together tell such a fun story.
    Adorable page! This is where my husband put our first son to paint a Mother's Day card for me when he was a small toddler. Smart hubbie, and smart you! :) Contain the mess, lol.
    I like the paint splatter on the title block and the colorful circle border. Looks terrific!
    Kate this is definitely adorable. Super LO.
    Oh, you definitely have the advantage with such a cute little subject to scrap! Really like how you've placed the paint strokes and splatters and little touches of embellishments.
    Kate this is soooo cute!!! Love your collection of photos and how you used such fun touches of colour against the white bathroom photos, and where you placed the paint smear! I don't think it needed more paint and it looks perfectly toddler-ish - not girlie/boy-ie... just child-ish/ie/like??You know what I mean! Very sweet!
    What adorable photos. I think you did and excellent job with the embellisments. Cute layout.
    This is darling! Love to watch babies intent on their "work". The photos are so cute, and you've got just the right amount of paint accents. I think you did a fabulous job with this LO!
    Your photos are so cute. I love the bright colours you used and I think your embellishments are just right. Thanks for joining the challenge.