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Slow Scrap


Hilary Locke

Slow Scrap

Well it's finished! I will definitely change one or two things (mainly the middle top block which looks out of place) but I have enjoyed the challenge and I've practiced a different way of doing things. Thanks Valerie!












    I think you did a great job with this LO.
    I really like this, especially the "Home of the First Computers."
    Great composition, and keeping it to just a couple of colors really helps tie it together. Great use of some "early tech" embellies!
    I wondered what you were using the epaulet for!! This worked out really well considering we had no idea where Valerie was taking us! I like the top box but agree it doesn't belong here as much as another might! Interesting photos and it looks like a great place to visit!
    Lovely design. I like the landscape layout. Great photos.
    This looks so interesting. That typewriter is a wonderful embellishment. I thought you were so clever in making that epaulette! I like how you included the journaling and also how you made the bottom right photo take up most of the box. The tilted frame is a nice touch. Very neat page!
    I love your photos, and the papers you used. That epaulet is wonderful, very creative. I love the arrangement of the boxes too, it flows so well. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    I love this! Interesting photos and journaling, great background and color. The typewriter embellishment is inspired.
    You've done a super job with the slow scrap! Each vignette is wonderful on its own, yet all is quite cohesive. The funny thing is, I've had a bunch of tabs of layouts open and am just getting to commenting on them all today - and it just so happens I'm reading a novel by Neal Stephenson called Cryptonomicon - and Allan Turing and Bletchley Park feature quite prominently in it. Small world;)