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World in Our Hands, eft

I think I started this spread for a quote challenge, and then set it aside. While teaching environmental science and biology, I use lots of quotations as small posters in my classroom; these are just some of the many I collected over the years. The graphic image has been in my stash for at least 20 years, as a mono color collage; I have no idea who first drew or cut it, or where I found it. I cut the layers apart and colored them for this page. The blend across the pages was made with Brandy's background blenders - two copies, stretched to slightly different widths and overlaid; there is no other paper on the right page.


Happy Earth Day!

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This is a really interesting page Jo, your recolouring is fabulous and so detailed and the quotes are fascinating - I have only heard the 'borrowed from our children' one before - tfs!

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Wonderful quotes again, and I love how you've chosen one side to emphasize space while the other to emphasize the natural world of our planet. I love seeing these together and might have to copy some of the quotes! :D

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Wow, Jo another gorgeous page! I love how you put this together and thanks for explaining how you did it. Your background and quotes are wonderful and so meaningful and your colors just perfect. I like the way your two pages go together, yet stand alone. And that graphic is so wonderful with your very appropriate title. Super Earth Day pages and great reminders to cherish our planet. Thanks for participating in the challenge! :)

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These are all great quotes! I thought someone might quote John Muir. That graphic image is really cool and goes perfectly with your title (which I'm now humming, by the way.) Neat page!

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