Adoption Day

This is a layout I did of one of the most special days I've experienced. My best friends were able to adopt a newborn baby boy and after an amazingly difficult roller coaster two years of legal issues and botched paperwork and technicalities, they finally got to make his addition to their family official. I got to be there as a witness and take pictures for them and it was just an overwhelmingly heartwarming experience. The photo of the family walking into the courthouse, hopeful that the judge would rule in their favor and make their family official is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. This layout was actually featured in a newsletter last summer during my move so I never remembered to add it to the gallery. Definitely time to be added to my gallery!! :)/> It makes my heart smile.



ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Year In Review 2

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Precious Metal 11201

So Basically White Paper Mini

Dyed Fabric 1 Paper

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© &copy Ang Campbell 2012

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Of course I am excited to see your fabulous LO! The legal hangups are so ridiculous in the process--it is a wonder kids get adopted. That is so neat that you were there to capture the celebration and the beauty of the family.

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Oh Ang, how truly wonderful! Not only does little Thomas get a proper family but this family get the joy of a special little boy in their lives, forever now. Your photo of the family walking in shows such strength and unity, how could any judge not rule for them...? Love the amount of photos and the touches of colour. My heart is smiling too :-)

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I love happy endings! The combination of papers, bigger and smaller photos in the grid looks so good. I always find it hard to make LO's with many photos. This will be an inspiration to me!

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I think I will cry, what a beautiful story and a gorgeous layout to match. you have done both yourself and your friends very proud Ang

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Awesome photo (and smaller photos too!) I love the happy colors you've used and how many wonderful photos of this family you were able to include. I'm so happy for them that the adoption (finally) went through!

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