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Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

Sp this is the right side of this page I posted earlier this year... the one that says "photo."

Thanks for looking!

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    Oh April! Look at how young the kids are here... hard to believe little Charlotte is getting married!!!! Wow. So cute to look back like this... Wonderfully gorgeous use of Cottage Rose and the super cute photos. Love the pennants here :-)
    Lovely photos. I love the SHOOT in the triangles. Very pretty layout. The clusters are really pretty.
    Beautiful layout. I love the individual shots in the film. I love the collection you used, one of my favourites.
    how stunning is this layout. I love it.
    Beautiful! I love the photos and the way you've displayed them. The charming collection looks perfect with the colors in the photo. I love how you've used the pennants (um... I should say triangular pennants :D ) for the title, and the way you've journaled on the lined paper. The two pages look wonderful together, too, of course. I always enjoy seeing your two-pagers.
    Ha ha, I was wondering why the hostility - shoot! Of course, a photo shoot. I really like all the red accents, especially combined with the blue denim clothing. It really does look like a summery page. Sweet photos of the kids, too!
    You always find the perfect spot to place just one more little something to give your pages such a finished look. I especially love these two pages since they contain photo shoots of your children.