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Thursday Challenge: less than perfect

this photo was always a bit meh. Slightly out of focus, blah colors, and he's doing something with his mouth there.


I removed the color and clipped it to a blending mask, and set it to a hard light overlay. then i selected the eyes and made a few color layers to enhance their color


everything else:

MST homelife

BMU ss Paper BG Blenders II

BHA sweet Street Gang

KME butterflyFX

ABR scenic route

JRE French Provincial

JRE reflections of the heart

Photo Information for Thursday Challenge: less than perfect

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strikingly beautiful! love what you did--I always wanted to showoff our children's blue eyes--just got to try what you did here--thanks for sharing this!

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This is so striking... it just pulls you into those deep blue pools... I have a blue eyed child and they DO hypnotise with their eyes... which you captured so perfectly here. Love the desaturated look and the journaling, very (I want to say eye catching... but it just sounds dumb!) mesmerising :-)

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I agree with the above comments about this being striking! The one word title adds a clever emphasis. Beautiful photo effect --thanks for the explanation of how you pulled off this magic. I love the journaling following the curve of his face as well.

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This photo is a treasure now with all the changes you made. I like the desaturation of everything except the eyes. Lovely page. I like the swirly brushes in the corners.

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