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Special Grandparents-Scrapgirls Club-April 2013

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Journaling reads:

Grandfather ED, Grandmother Bertha, Dolly (my mother), and Carl. My grandmother was briefly married to a man who liked to drink better than anything else. After Carl was born, she divorced him, and later married Ed. Ed was no stranger to her, since Ed's brother was married to Bertha's sister Betty. Later, my mother, Dolly was born and 9 more children during their marriage. One child, died at one day old. Bertha was no shrinking violet, having traveled by wagon train to Texas from Alabama when she was ten years old. Everyone loved her and she will always be my special person. She did the gardening, worked in the crop fields, tended the smaller farm animals, kept house, and cooked for a large family on a wood stove for most of her life. The water was drawn from a well at the edge of the back porch. It was convenient to fill the large wash pot and tubs for the washing. In her spare time, she raised flowers, quilted, and crocheted. She dipped her snuff as she worked. Grandpa Ed was a loving grandfather, worked on the farm, but died early in life of complications which we now think was diabetes.




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Wonderful journaling! It's great that you've recorded all this information about your remarkable family for future generations. I like the balance on your page between photo and title and journaling. Lovely and elegant page!

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Wow, Jean - what a wonderful page. Your journaling is fantastic and I was so intrigued reading about your ancestors' lives. And what a treasure that photo is and you scrapped it beautifully. Your quote and background is perfect for your layout.

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This is a great two-pager. Your grandma sounds a lot like my great-grandma. She dipped snuff, too - and spit in a V8 can with the top cut off. Sometimes, I had to hold it for her. Yuck! Great journaling and photo. I really like the placement of everything on the page. Lovely!

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