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Conda's Easy Rolls

Conda's Easy Rolls

This has been a family favorite for years! My aunt always brings them to family meals. I'm not sure mine turn out as good as hers, but my family doesn't complain and there are never any left!

TIP: I use my Kitchen Aid mixer and dough hook...no kneading for me! Also, I use more than the 3 cups of flour sometimes.

19 Hearts Collection Biggie

    Beautiful card, Conda! How'd I miss this collection??? The recipe sounds easy enough ... will have to give it a try!
    Yum, sounds good. Your card is sooo pretty.
    This looks yummy
    So sweet looking--the banner is great with the tag. Always good to have reliable roll recipes.
    This looks so festive! I've never heard of cake mix in a roll recipe, but I can just imagine how good they are. Love the mix of aqua, red, and brown! Super cute card!