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Guacamole from Houston-April 2013

Guacamole from Houston-April 2013

Sorry I'll correct the spelling of avocadoes! Always get it mixed up.

Simply Glamorous font

Utsaah font


mask shape from PSE

    I really like the background and the picture of the avocados! Thanks for sharing!
    OOOhhhh, I just love guacomole and this recipe looks easy enough to make! Your card is so pretty - I like the avocado pic and how you cropped it. Lovelyi card, Jean.
    How do Ilike guacamole? Let me count the ways! Lovely card--the cutout of the photo is cute, and the background looks great here. Thanks!
    Oh, yummy! Guacamole doesn't last long around here. I've never made Pico de Gallo, so I'll have to try that, too. Your card is so cool and interesting. I like the fancy cutout of the avocados, and there are some more fonts for me to hunt down. Really nice!