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Thursday Challenge: Perfecting a perfect moment

Thursday Challenge:  Perfecting a perfect moment

The kids aren't even home from the dance yet,and I'm already posting this. No matter how their date (Cody's first) turns out, we got some great (and not-so-great) photos!

I absolutely loved the photo that I placed in the cameo frame, but they were standing in front of the television. I cropped them closely with a feathered edge, and clipped that to a pretty background paper. Next, I clipped it into the cameo frame, which I changed from gold to silver.


SNU_SSTools_Butterfly shadows

    What a gorgeous layout to go with the gorgeous dress!! Well done and thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful, beautiful layout. The photos are gorgeous.I love the flower embellishments and the mask. Wow, I love this. Going into my favourites.
    Oh, Jaymee! Cody looks so handsome with his pretty Alexa at his side - he doesn't look one bit nervous but I'm sure he was! How fun and how exciting to be able to document this first date. Beautiful layout - the colors are lovely and go so well with her amazing dress. Let us know how the date turned out! And be sure and tell Cody how handsome we all think he is!
    wow! You amaze me putting this gorgeous page together in... what.... 5 minutes?? :lol: Seriously, it's fabulous. I love the way you've taken her beautiful dress as an inspiration for the page. I love the purple and the sparkles, and varied frame shapes, the blending, and that outstanding flower cluster. Cody looks so handsome in his tux, too. I wish men would dress like that more often!
    PS -- Thanks for letting us know how you edited the small photo; I'm taking notes.
    Oops--the most important element that I used was Brandy Murry's Scrap Simple PopUp-Big Arch Layout. I changed my credits to reflect this. The photos were taken at Alexa's house, which has a lot of arched architectural elements. That made Brandy's layout a natural choice for me!
    Great layout, I love that purple dress it is so pretty! And your son looks very dapper!
    WOW, that dress is amazing. I hope Cody had a wonderful time and came home a happy chappy.
    beautiful layout
    Jaymee how beautiful and amazing that you put it together so quickly! Gorgeous photos and kids - Cody looks so handsome and his date so pretty. I really like how you used the big arch to frame the photo and mimic the arch in your house and I really like how you glitter framed the smaller pic - and thanks for explaining what you did with it. Your flower spray embellishment is lovely and wow - this layout is super.
    I just saw this after following Cody's news in the forum! I know he had a wonderful night and this page will be a special memory of it :-) Good work Mum! The purple is so pretty and I love the corsage like spray of flowers... clever way to salvage a photo you love too and really make a feature of it... I like purple with silver too, great choice!
    Gorgeous! Everything just sparkles in the photos. She looks lovely in beautiful purple dress and Cody looks so handsome in his tux. I love the arch and how you colorized it and made it shimmer. I love how you placed the flowers along side the arch and then added the small photo to the right of the cluster. Beautiful!