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Tropical Colors, rt - Color Chall 4/27

Tropical Colors, rt - Color Chall 4/27

Page 2. I created my own color swatch, taking colors from the photos. Supplies are in EXIF. TFL!

    Oh my goodness, Jo - you continue to awe me with your gorgeous photos and beautiful pages. The colors and background you used pop your stunning pics even more and I love the way both pages look together. Super work.
    Another great layout and great photos!
    Your colors are stunning and I love the colour swatch. I really must try that one day.
    I am completely gobsmacked. This is just amazingly beautiful... the colours in your dress against those crisp clear photos... this is ... I don't know I am speechless... your floral accents are understated and gorgeous... wow!
    Beautiful second page. I agree with jode as to being 'complete gobsmacked'. I love how you added the color swatch behind the green matte. You did a fabulous job on both of these pages. Everything goes so well together.

    This is stunning! These photos are amazing and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. Love that you made your own color swatch. It all came together perfectly.

    The nice colors of this page caught my attention and how great to discover you created the palette... very clever and artistic of you. I do like the photos you have used.