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New Log Truck

New Log Truck

At some point my dad got a new log truck, and all the men in the family are admiring it. My Dad is the tall one on left in Khakis. His brother is the tall one with his back to the camera. The others are my Mom's brothers.

AR Blanco


It's a Guy thing-rusty Brad


    I loved reading your journaling! Must have been raised in the South. that would have been something if you had a picture of yourself up on the loft eating peanuts and reading! Fun things to remember!
    If I could only transfer the photos in my head to the pc I'd write a book! :P/> Thanks!
    You really have got some lovely photos. I'm enjoying seeing your heritage photos.
    I'm really enjoying your heritage layouts! Isn't it wonderful that we have scanners and Photoshop so that we can hand these memories down? Your pages are wonderful! I love the photos, the journaling, and the grungy look of the background - so perfect for the theme.
    Great photo! I, too, love your heritage LO's. Wonderful memories!
    Your journaling is so interesting! What a great memory - eating peanuts and reading in the loft. Wonderful photo of your family checking out the new log truck. Guys are always doing stuff like that, ha ha. Love the rustic paper and italic font. You're going to have a great heritage book!
    Isn't it interesting how some things never change? Like men admiring new cars and trucks, etc., when a family member or good friend gets a new one. Love your memory about reading in the barn and eating peanuts. Fantastic layout and wonderful journaling.