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John Andrew and Melinda

John Andrew and Melinda

John Andrew was my 2nd great grandfather, and Melinda was actually my great aunt and my step grandmother. Her sister was married to another 2nd great grandfather of mine, and when John Andrew and her sister died, She married John Andrew. Figure that one out!
Journaling reads:
John Andrew and Melinda, my 2nd great grandfather and his second wife. His first wife was Sallie Eliza (my 2nd grandmother). She died while John Andrew was away in the War Between the States, so we don't have a photo of her. They had several small children, in TN and Al where they had lived. Relatives helped raise the children, until he returned and a few years later married Melinda. Melinda was the sister of my other grandmother. They moved to Texas and raised a large loving family.

John Andrew is in the book of soldiers who earned the Southern Cross of Honor during the Confederacy. He fought in major battles all the way to Petersburg, VA, where he was wounded and captured. He was later released and was at the surrender at Appomatox Courthouse. He walked back to Alabama afterward. In his last years he attended a reunion of Confederates in Texas.

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    What an awesome history. Loved reading about your grandfather.
    He sounds like an amazing man! And, just think of those women left behind raising children and keeping the home and the farm going! I love the arrangement of your page with the journaling block next to the portrait. Great old-looking background, too!
    How blessed you are to have this photo! Another beautiful LO.
    Wow, what a proud Heritage you come from Jean and I so enjoyed reading your interesting journaling. How wonderful you are scrapping it to have for your children to remember. Your photos are awesome and I like the simple soft background you used and the pretty embellishment. Super page!
    What a history that is of John Adams. How incredible that he was at Appomattox for the surrender and that he earned the Southern Cross of Honor. What a fabulous photo that is and the frame around it fits it perfectly with the journaling right beside it.
    Walking home was a long process back then, before cars. I'd have never made it! I love the gray background with the black frame and edges. The grass in the corner looks so good there. Everything about this is wonderful!
    I don't get the full history in this but I know that this was obviously an extremely heroic man, honourable and good and lucky enough to find a woman strong enough to take on his family and build a new life with him. The photo is magical, so old and still clear, and the blue is very true to similar papers I have seen from that period. I love how the journalling stars here and makes you want to keep looking at the photo. Your family is lucky to have this photo and to have you recording their stories.
    Love the treatment of the frame!
    Fantastic photo! Look at the chair back and how it's all carved so wonderfully. Love your journaling. Love the grass sprig by the photo. Nice touch.