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29apr13Mon chlg 'Sparkles'

29apr13Mon chlg 'Sparkles'

We don't have a lot of sparkles here... not the blingy kind anyway, with 2 boys... (except at Xmas!) but we DO have sparkly EYES! Both my boys have the most exquisite eyes and eyelashes... I curl mine and use mascara and they still don't come even close! You can see Callan's touch his eyebrows! This photo was taken at his kindy in 2008, just an ordinary run of the mill photo they take to put in your kids' folder - clearly they had fantastic lighting and captured his attention as this photo is perfect. Of course now I have to go find a photo of Aidan's sparklers too :-) lol! tfl.


    Oh those eyes!!! Wow.

    Of course you had to emphasize them for your layout; (I love the added color and the horizontal lines), but you did an amazing job with everything around them, too. I love all the blues, and you have a genious way of using WA. Love the little diamonds, too!
    Oh, gosh, Jody - his eyes do sparkle and I love those eyelashes of his! I love all of the word art you've used to describe the joy he brings to you! Beautifully done!
    this is just favulous and I so love how you have highlighted those gorgeous sparkling eyes :)
    How perfectly awesome. You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful layouts Jody. Those eyes are to die for.
    Oh gosh Jode - those eyes sure do SPARKLE! I love how you divided up that wonderful photo and placed coordinating pieces on the same strip. And to use the pic BW with Callan's gorgeous eyes highlighted in color - how beautifully creative! I love how you used the word art and the ones you chose are so perfect and I really like how you used the alpha for Callan's name. And, see? You DID get some bling in there with Callan's eyes - super work! Lovely, lovely page - it made me smile. :) Now, I can't wait to see Aidan!
    Thanks for adding your own sparkle to today's challenge!
    This is a such a cleverly put together page. I like how you split up the photos and turned most black and white except for the eyes.
    Yep, wonderful, sparkly eyes. Fantastic layout as always Jode. My favourite bit, is the split photo with the colour just for Callan's eyes.
    Beautiful look to this and he indeed has gorgeous eyes!!
    Another stunner Jode. I knew it was yours when I saw it in the gallery. Awesome!
    I knew it was your too as soon as I saw you. Absolutely incredible!