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Skillet Squash

"Tried and True" recipe swap - Skillet Squash


This is actually my husband's recipe that he created when he was a teenager roughing it with his dad up in the mountains of Northern California. They had a big garden that they lived off of, and it was a constant battle to keep the bears out of it! :o There are no exact ingredients, and it comes out different every time. It's good with Italian seasoning and cannellini beans, Cajun seasoning and smoked sausage, Mexican seasoning and tilapia, etc., etc.


Supplies used:

SNU_KitchenChic_RecipeCardSPEC (coordinates with Kitchen Chic Value Pack) - recent freebie, how could I not use it?!

ABL_FarmersBounty_Special_Gourd-1 (coordinates with Farmer's Bounty Collection) - Don't eat gourds! I "painted" this to look like a squash.

KSC_Cucina_WoodenSpoon_SPEC (coordinates with Cucina Collection) - spoon

Skillet by Mo Jackson; Onion by Susan Darter; other veggies from web, extractions, etc.

Fonts: Lithos Pro - title; Juice ITC - name; Lucida Sans Italic - recipe

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Oh, I just love squash and all vegetables so this recipe is right up my alley! It sounds so easy and I really like your pretty card - most especially the vegetables and spoon over the skillet photo. I really like your font too - your recipe is so easy to read!

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I love squash and this recipe looks good! Your card is so pretty with the frying pan and veggie elements. I've read this before and thought I had commented on it.

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