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Monday Challenge_4/29_Sparkles

Monday Challenge_4/29_Sparkles

Is it still Monday?

So, thank you Marilyn! I added "sparkles" behind the oval photo and big tree, plus some glitter gradient, brushed on flowers along the bottom. The LO was so flat before that and it helped fill it in a bit. I never would have thought to do it without your fun challenge!

Journaling: tricia has a hard time getting maeve to smile for a picture but got lucky when maeve was with her best friend, graham. april 2013

    First I love the name Maeve! Sweet photos of these two and the page is wonderful, Great texture!
    I love everything about this - the subtle heritage look yet bright and vibrant. Wonderful work!
    Well, you know what I say Dot in relation to challenges - it's still a current Monday Challenge Layout until the next Monday rolls around! At least that's how slow-scrapper me always operates!
    What a cute page and I can't believe how big and old both Maeve and Graham look, wow. Your photo is adorable and I like how you emphasized those two cuties in an oval closeup. I think they sparkle all on their own but I love your addition of "fake" sparkles on your page - they look great. I really like your background blending and the flowers growing up the page and your title word art and title is super! I smiled at your notes, too - nothing like following the older sibling, huh? Wonderful layout Dot and thanks for adding your own personal sparkle to the Monday challenge.
    I thought it was a tree with blossom! Great subtle glitter, I really like how you added it behind your vignetted oval photo, it really stands out now. What a super sweet face, bet you wish she smiled more! The green in this is gorgeous, I can see how these little ones add sparkle to your life :-)
    Great photo of those little cuties, and I love the outdoorsy feel of the page. Love the touch of sparkle! Great texture and layers. Beautifully done!
    Dot, this is gorgeous. I love the photo and blending. The word art is great and the flower embellishments really lovely. Maeve is growing so fast. She's lovely.
    The sparkles are such a neat addition to the page - aren't challenges great for getting us to do things we might not have thought of on our own, but turn out so delightful?!
    Maeve is such a cutie!