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NSD Double Page LO 1

NSD Double Page LO 1

I really quite like double page spreads - more room for scrapping!

This is from our holiday last summer. Journalling reads:
Whilst we were on the Isle of Wight you were desperate to go to the beach. So despite being a rather miserable day, to the beach we went. We were the only ones there! You found a rivulet of water running down by the side of the groyne and started splashing and digging in it. Then Daddy joined in and made a pool of water by building a dam so that you could float your boat in it. But the appeal of the rivulet was too much for Daddy and soon you had 3 dammed reservoirs with interlinking river channels. When you were both ready, you placed the boat in the top reservoir, Daddy knocked down the dams and you ‘sailed’ your boat down the rivers to the bottom reservoir. I have never seen you so excited and enthralled about something – you thought it was amazing. It was just a shame that we had to leave almost as soon as these photos had been taken as it started to pour with rain – I’m sure you would have stayed and played for ages.


    This is just precious, Anna! Your photos are so sweet and I love how they tell your story blended on each side of the page and then strung across the top - how creative! I love the blue you used to match so well with the little one's outfit and your word art is just perfect! Super journaling, too and wonderful how you typed it in a shape. Lovely double page spread.
    The journalling was a challenge but I've learnt something new!
    Stunning 2-page spread! Love everything about it:) Wonderful work!
    Beautiful job! I love the photos on the line along the top. What a fun day!
    Your color choice is just perfect , it ties everything together! Thanks for using my Instant Photo Clusters. Hope you had fun with it!