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Project Life - week 17

Project Life - week 17

Remember the duck from Week 15?!

Sunday morning (4/21) we discovered that our duck had laid 5 eggs in the planter beneath our front window! By the time we left on Friday for Tallahassee, there were 7. Stay tuned!

Smithy, our new travel buddy, went with Dave and me to do music for the NW Florida district Methodist Women. While we were there I got to visit the campus at Florida State where I spent my (first!) freshman year in 1972-73.

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    Oh, gosh I'm sure glad I caught this layout Becky because yes! I do remember the duck! And, oh wow - now you will have a duck family all your own. Super photos and journaling - great layout!
    Oh so cool! And exciting! I do remember the duck (thanks to your hint) and it's great to see her little egglings. Love the rest of your layout, too.
    Yikes that's a lot of eggs, ducklings to follow!!!
    How neat! Can't wait to see pics of the ducklings! Great job of capturing the eggs in the nest. Hope she is not too protective!!
    Wow that's a lot of eggs... great pictures of both the eggs and the building facades. i think taking beautiful photos of buildings is an art by itself. Your travelling 'companion' is so cute!