Other images in National Scrapbook Day - 2013

NSD Tool Time

  • AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Frame2_1; AFT_AYO-ZmPg_LifeMon_Paper2_b

  • BMU Aged Metals Style; AFT_AYO-ZmPg_LifeMon_Flwr2; AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Ribbon1; AFT_LifeMon_WordBorders_Family_b

  • AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Bird; AFT_LifeMon_Emb_Arrow;

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Oh how cute Nikki looks with her cousins and she's getting so big Belle! I like the colors you used and how you put this all together and your colors are lovely.

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What a beautiful photo! I love the color combo you used. Such beautiful girls!

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