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Build-A-Chocolate Box

Build-A-Chocolate Box

Well I ended up with a messy box, with a few changes it could be a great layout. I had real trouble getting some of the bits in that in the end I stopped trying for perfection and left it.

Supplies used
Sugar = ribbon ASO_SS_Embl_RibbonWraps_Skinny1_Ribbon
Cocoa Butter = button ABR_Perfection_Button-White
Cocoa = word art ABR_Perfection_WA_BeautifulB
Vanilla = frame ABR_Perfection_Emb-Frame
Red Foil box = 1 solid 1 SS Paper ASO_SSPaper_Masks_GrungyStcls_5 and ABR_PerfectionCM_Paper-Solid2
White Chocolates = Outdoor photos
Caramel = SS brush TCS_BeautifulDistress_BrushSet_Abrasive
Praline = butterfly KME_ButterflyFX_EmbMini_4-Lifted
Cashew = lace PWR_AtticTreasures_Emb1_Border-White
Almond truffle = flower ABR_Perfection_Emb-Flower1
Pistachio Cream = photo corner ABR_EDM_Emb_Corner-Tan_TR
Butter cream = stitches CTH_SSEmbTmpl_StitchedFrames2
Crème Brule = heart ABR_Perfection_Emb-Heart

    This looks great Valerie! I think your bits are great, I don't think it's a mess! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Messy, Valerie? I really can't imagine why - this is so delicate and pretty! Your photo is gorgeous and I love how you frame/masked it with the fancy lace. I also really like the soft colors you used. I think your box is wonderful!
    The lace is so pretty Valerie. I love the flower photos and the lovely soft colors.
    Beautiful is right! This layout is just stunning--quite a lovely box of chocolates!
    I agree, beautiful is right! I love the butterfly!

    Stunning! I love the photo mask and the lace - goes SO well with the pretty photos!